PRESS RELEASE 10/21/2019 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

4th Quarter 2019 investor update:

The company wants to thank all shareholders (many firefighters) for their dedication, support, and for enduring this tragic minefield of corruption and unethical behavior by defendants. We stand against this corruption as we investigate dozens of shell companies created and closed to hide these nefarious activities.

As shareholders each one of you matter. We want you to know that the Sector 10 Plaintiffs do not have shares for sale, do not trade, nor do we pay to advertise. Our price per share has not impacted our daily activities, nor covered our legal bills over the years, and has not impacted our pursuit of justice. We recommend that all of you conduct your own due diligence as we cannot comment. And please beware of manipulation and disinformation by third parties.

Sector 10 Plaintiffs have been working with a new legal team on the current case in Utah and the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) to be filed in Federal Courts, based on the evidence collected in early 2018 and now in 2019. We have time and facts on our side!

Not to be unkind to JCI (Johnson Controls Inc) investors and shareholders but JCI has painted itself into a corner; they have been awarded the honor of number one spot out of more than 100 defendants, in our future RICO claims.

The defendant’s presentations (JCI on behalf of subsidiary Tyco/Proximex, Valley Inception, et al) at the summary judgment hearings were more than 90 pages. They intentionally omitted critical facts that then prejudiced the Judge to rule as she did. Clearly, the most “ethical award” Johnson Controls got last year wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on!

Sector 10 Plaintiffs endure despite years of duress, threats, witness tampering, bribes, destruction of evidence, the attempted framing of our CEO, and the cover up that followed. Sector 10 has been the victim of an elaborate white-collar crime syndicate that has been traced across many states and countries. The utter disregard for ethics and rules of professional conduct by the colluding legal teams on both sides is just icing on the cake. Many of you can’t even begin to imagine what it is like dealing with the brotherhood in Utah and how corrupt they truly are.  As this case reaches the courthouse, all of these activities will be revealed.

So, hopefully the good news is:

The best man for the job might just be a woman! Sector 10 Plaintiffs are working diligently with new counsel to support her efforts in cleaning up the mess as we head into mediation and a jury trial in early 2020. The Court has ordered mediation completed by February 7th, 2020 and trial to start by May 11th, 2020.

It should be noted that Sector 10 has been 100% transparent in its disclosures and cooperation with the Defendants. Unfortunately, in the last 10 years Sector 10 has yet to receive proper discovery from Defendants, despite many separate attempts. This will not look good for them in trial.

Our gratitude goes to the work and support of whistleblowers (who have risked much), as well as recent availability of public records online. Thanks to the unwavering commitment and support of so many to Sector 10’s battle for justice.

Sector 10 has a message for:

Johnson Controls, Johnson Controls CEO, Johnson Controls Board of Directors, members of PSIA (aka “The Laundromat” organization that Jack Smith/Proximex and then ADT/Tyco helped create), Lee Allen, Trusys, John Gargett (and the many shell corporations), and Reality Engineering (INC’s and LLC’s and offshore ventures)….

To all of you “Ladies, Gentlemen and White Crime is Alright Participants:”

Justice is coming. In fact, you should be aware that Sector 10 reported the technology stolen to the federal authorities years ago and we gave them a heads up on all your recent activity as well.

You had a chance to do the right thing in Utah… for 10 years! Under Federal RICO Law, we will be claiming all profits made to date belong to Sector 10 Plaintiffs. We warned you all in 2012 in the Bank of America case, in a letter from our then counsel Jim Kennedy. We suspected and discovered what was happening with your current subsidiary Tyco and ADT. Your CEO was fully aware, as well as others privy to the information, including Bank of America!

You chose to deny it. You fired people close to the truth and conducted a massive cover up. You threatened sanctions against our lawyers and continued forward with business as usual. In the end, the judge found that Bank of America had not conducted all the damage alone! Guess what? Merrill Lynch funded it after all…

Sector 10 has the affidavits from 2012 “denials” in writing by Vicky and Richard Davis, Jack Smith, Lee Allen. Sector 10 also has the threatening emails through Bank of America and now these golden nuggets of evidence from phase two discovery to complete that big white puzzle.  Someone on your end figured out it was cheaper dispensing the legal teams to con a Utah Judge rather than tell the truth?!

Fortunately, through the discovery period and public records as per the agreed schedule, we found everything we need to fully prosecute this case and bring justice for Sector 10.

We ask our investors to please be patient and please be careful. Your support has made a difference and we will rise and rebuild together. Corrupt behavior will no longer go unpunished.

Sector 10 CEO, Pericles Deavila, shared a story with key shareholders back in 2009. Even more relevant today, he stated:  “In 1501, the De Avila family army led a calculated retreat to the Azores to protect the sovereignty, as the Spanish invaded Portugal. Together with the support of the many we melted all the church bells into mint COIN.  Portugal stands today as a Sovereign Nation.”  

$SECI stands for #Ethics #Transparency #Justice

Updates on the Utah Case, Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah.  

Continued updates will be published on: News and press releases on legal activities and court progress. Introduction, timeline of events, and new evidence as it becomes available and verified.

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About Sector 10


Sector 10 has been in litigation to recover damages from a technology theft and laundry operation that delivered Sector 10 technology into the hands of then ADT/TYCO, causing the largest market cap increase in their history. The lawsuit was filed in a Utah Court against ADT/TYCO acquired subsidiary Proximex Corporation as well as Valley Inception LLC, Incisive Software Corporation, Trusys Inc, Dutro Company, Reality Engineering Inc, and individuals.

The list has grown as well as the evidence towards a federal RICO.


Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah



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