Open Letter to Sector 10 Shareholders 2/20/2018 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)



Dear Sector 10 shareholder,


Sector 10 is the subject of many conversations on Twitter and internet sites around the world these days. Unless it is published by us, not everything you read or hear may be entirely accurate.


The litigation is ongoing, as it has been for many years.


2018 unveiled evidence and the attention from traders who came across our story has lead hundreds of people to our website whitecollarfacades, and thousands to our Twitter feed @ExposedFacades.


A flurry of new investors and traders have been trading our stock in the market.


Sector 10 cannot and will not comment on market activity, but we’d like to clarify the following to our shareholders:


  1. Educate yourself on our sites and SEC filings. Seek professional advice as to the potential or pitfalls going forward. 

  2. After the reverse split in 2012, the number of tradable shares currently on the market is slightly above 100,000 shares.

  3. The lawsuit is ongoing and we will publish updates as they become available. As a public company, we are required to keep you informed and transparency is our #1 priority.

  4. I continue to give it all I have to get all of you the justice we both deserve, and I have done so since day one.



We are aware


For many of our shareholders, the stock must reach above $500 dollars, and for others above $1,000 for you to recover your initial investment. We are aware.



A perspective on Value – Time – Money


Evidence shows the parties now named as defendants in the ongoing lawsuit went to great length to defraud Sector 10 and thousands of our investors back in 2008-2009, to gain wealth. The DOW at the time was at 7,500.


Nine years later we are still fighting, and still standing. The evidence against the defendants continues to accumulate, astounding. The authorities are aware, and the DOW has been above 26,000. 


We are working hard to ensure justice is forthcoming. Our team grows, our hardship is already getting global attention, and we are thankful for all the support. 



What are Sector 10’s expectations in a perfect world:


  1. Our investors see a value of $1,000+ a share, and/or Treble.

  2. Sector 10 plaintiffs see Treble Damages and legal fees for the nine years of undue duress.

  3. Standard market compensation of 20% of the profits taken in by all the corporations and individuals who benefited from Sector 10’s technology in the last 10 years.


And may the authorities proceed as they see fit.



What Sector 10 hopes to see happen next:


  1. Sector 10 plaintiffs are finally granted legal discovery through the courts, allowing full transparency.

  2. Sector 10 will amend the lawsuit to include all (new) parties involved.

  3. The Court schedules trial.



There is an old saying in government: “careful what you step into as you are bound to track it everywhere.”


Therefore, from one CEO to another, from the current pink-sheets to the pinnacles of Wall Street. 

Please answer this.


To the CEO of Johnson Controls (SYMBOL JCI) which includes TYCO:


Q: You were there to enjoy the $24 Billion market cap increase in 2011, on—then already— disputed technology. Is this the legacy you will extend as you continue to build the Johnson brand, company, employees, or even yourself?


And a word to the CEO of Apollo Global Management (symbol APO.N) who has moved ADT under its wings:


Q: Are you the kind of leader who knowingly or unknowingly buries inconvenient facts in the name of more profit and wealth? How much do you know?


And to the CEO of ADT (symbol ADT.N) after a disappointing IPO (yet another IPO?):


Q: How does it feel?


I was under the impression these were security companies that protected people and their assets?


Looking forward to a conversation with you. Cream always rises.


And on that note, dear Sector 10 shareholder, my commitment to you stands.





Pericles DeAvila

Chairman and CEO of Sector 10, Inc




Updates will be published on: News and press releases on legal activities and court progress. Introduction, timeline of events, and new evidence as it becomes available and verified.

Twitter: @exposedfacades

Facebook: @whitecollarfacades



About Sector 10:

Sector 10 has been in litigation to recover damages from a technology theft and laundry operation that delivered Sector 10 technology into the hands of then ADT/TYCO, causing the largest market cap increase in their history. The lawsuit was filed in a Utah Court against ADT/TYCO acquired subsidiary Proximex Corporation as well as Valley Inception LLC, Incisive Software Corporation, Trusys Inc, Dutro Company, Reality Engineering Inc, and individuals.


Sector 10 focused on pre-deployed emergency and disaster response equipment with the world's first patented Stationary Response Units (SRU), Mobile Response Units (MRU) and its innovative PLX-3D technology.



Safe Harbor Statement

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