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Sector 10, INC. $SECI – Press release date 12-11-2018


THE YEAR AHEAD - 2018 end of year updates:

As we enter 2019 with our 10th year of litigation, on October 10, 2018, the court in Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah issued its ruling on the defendants’ motions for summary judgment. The parties are jointly working on the wording of the final order that they will then propose to the court for final entry, which should happen shortly.


In its ruling, the court held that Sector 10’s claims for breach of contract and tortious interference may proceed against a number of the defendants! The court, however, dismissed Sector 10’s trade secret claims. This means that Sector 10’s case now can move forward on its breach of contract and tortious interference claims and discovery on these claims will open as soon as the court enters its order.


Sector 10 Plaintiffs are optimistic that recently uncovered new evidence, and evidence that will come out during discovery, will shed light on the above ruling as they can now finally move forward with its claims.


Sector 10 Plaintiffs have also entered into discussions with legal teams as to the impact new evidence and discovery will have on the current case under Utah State Courts and/or the possibility of pursuing new claims under Federal Courts


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On $SECI Trading:

Follow up to the reinstatement of Sector 10, Inc. Symbol: SECI to the OTC board from the Grey Market:

The process has been difficult, several market makers declined to participate in the 211-form filling procedures. Sector 10, Inc has although found a potential participant who has laid out certain requirements that $SECI is working to overcome.

The process is slow, there are some deficiencies and challenges.

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