PRESS RELEASE 12/22/2017 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)


2018 will mark the 10th year since the theft of our technology, and we hope to end it by finally serving cold evidence and justice for all involved. 


December 2017 Update:


As defendants move yet again to suppress discovery in the 9th year of legal actions, a lead serves up hundreds of new documents, unveiling the timely creation of a web of entities—and the people behind them—used to mask the Sector 10 technology theft and related activities.


Evidence also suggests a strong possibility that then ADT/TYCO was already fully aware the technology would be delivered to them through/after this well-crafted laundry operation.


As of this week, just in time for the Holidays, this new evidence is in the hands of our attorneys, as well as several State and Federal agencies.


To summarize, evidence shows a publicly traded company (Sector 10) was defrauded and its technology illegally laundered before passing it on to another publicly traded company, then ADT/TYCO.  All parties involved accumulated wealth, while thousands of Sector 10 investors lost everything, and yet others invested in the lie.


Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas,


Pericles DeAvila

Chairman, Sector 10, Inc



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