PRESS RELEASE 2/15/2018 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)


As we enter 2018, there is a lot of movement in the case.  Several motions from both sides have been filed with the Court and key decisions are in the balance. The Court remains unresponsive. Details below.


February 2018 update:


After defendants Dutro and Dutro affiliates' failure to meet case filing deadlines in November 2017, Sector 10 files a motion to lift the block that was placed on their discovery which left nearly 60 subpoenas unanswered. In response, defendants file for an extension on their case filing deadline. Both actions were taken before the 2017 Holiday Season.


As of February 14, 2018 the Court has NOT made a ruling with regard to the deadline extension for defendants after they missed their November 2017 case filing deadline.


As of February 14, 2018 the Court has NOT made a ruling to allow Sector 10 to proceed with its legal discovery through the courts.


Sector 10 is informed by the Court that all defendants filed for Summary Judgement (dated 1/30/18), in a final attempt to have the case dismissed, claiming "futile litigation."  


These Summary Judgements were filed arbitrarily as the judge has not made a ruling to extend nor deny the defendants' missed case filing deadline.


Sector 10 legal counsel files oppositions to the defendants' brief and motions to strike the Summary Judgements.


In the meantime, a lead serves up hundreds of new documents, unveiling the timely creation of a web of entities—and the people behind them—used to mask the Sector 10 technology theft and related activities. 


Evidence also highlights a strong possibility that then ADT/TYCO was already fully aware the technology would be delivered to them through/after a well-crafted laundry operation.


This new evidence has been delivered to several State and Federal agencies. On February 11, 2018 a visualization of key elements of the new evidence is published on the White Collar Facades website.


In summary: this is the 9th year of legal actions and defendants still do everything they can to block Sector 10 from obtaining formal discovery through the courts, while Sector 10 investigators recently uncovered the parties, entities created and/or restructured, as well as clear evidence of a massive coverup. 


As new evidence keeps coming to light, Sector 10 encourages any and all whistleblowers to seek the help of the authorities, and address them directly with any information or materials they may have.


Pericles DeAvila

Chairman, Sector 10, Inc




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