PRESS RELEASE 2/20/2018 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)




Sector 10 Breaks Silence After Litigation Story Goes Viral on Twitter


Sector 10, Inc CEO addresses shareholders with regard to the ongoing litigation and recent uptick in stock market activity.


After traders discover and release the litigation history on Twitter—reaching an audience of 75K+ in days—Sector 10, Inc Chairman and CEO Pericles DeAvila addresses shareholders with regard to the ongoing litigation and recent uptick in stock market activity.


The open letter dated 2/20/18 is available on the Sector 10 company website:


“After nine years of legal actions, we are still here, and we are still fighting,” states CEO Pericles DeAvila. Ending with the words: “Sector 10 shareholder, my commitment to you stands.”


The letter includes an invitation to conversation with leadership from the numerous publicly traded corporations that continue to benefit from Sector 10’s disputed technology.


Sector 10 announces it will release regular updates to fulfill its legal requirement as a publicly traded company to keep shareholders and others informed.


Updates will be published on: News and press releases on legal activities and court progress. Introduction, timeline of events, and new evidence as it becomes available and verified.

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Sector 10 has been in litigation to recover damages from a technology theft and laundry operation that delivered Sector 10 technology into the hands of then ADT/TYCO, causing the largest market cap increase in their history. The lawsuit was filed in a Utah Court against ADT/TYCO acquired subsidiary Proximex Corporation as well as Valley Inception LLC, Incisive Software Corporation, Trusys Inc, Dutro Company, Reality Engineering Inc, and individuals.


Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah



About Sector 10:

Sector 10 Inc focused on pre-deployed emergency and disaster response equipment with the world's first patented Stationary Response Units (SRU), Mobile Response Units (MRU) and its innovative PLX-3D technology.


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