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Core Products + Services

Our core IOT Hub products and services support safety, worksite intelligence, and compliance with increased oversight and efficiency to cut overhead and risk on job sites.




Osha Compliance

Site Information Management

Project Anywhere Data

Safety Regulation Support

Digital Augmentation

IOT-Sat Com Hub

Robo Management

Automated Project Administration

Reduced Project Risk 

Situation Awareness

Better Decisions

the Future

Why Sector 10?

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The average claim cost can soar above $42,000, while the price per death reaches $1,340,000. Even a basic first-aid call can set you back up to $1,080. If your business grosses $1,000,000 this year with a 10% profit margin, ten first-aid calls could slash your bottom-line margin by 1%, excluding doctor visits and downtime. One accepted disability claim, and your bottom-line margin could be wiped out entirely.

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Health and safety losses in the U.S. exceed a staggering $167 billion annually. New employees account for 34% of accepted disability claims, resulting in nearly 7 million missed workdays. OSHA reports that approximately 20 workers are injured every minute, with nearly 22 fatalities daily.

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We've got you covered, from OSHA requirements to federal and state safety guidelines. Our product catalog spans many safety needs, ensuring you find the right tools for your business.

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Products will be equipped with basic standard equipment, customizable with additional features. Priced for as little as a Port-A-Potty per month, our MRU is a smart investment. It's not just a product; it's peace of mind.

For more information about our All-in-One Safety Solution, get in touch today.


From our prior product line:

At Sector 10, we value our customers' feedback and take pride in our reputation. Read below to hear reviews straight from the source.


J. Jamali
Envirosafetech, Inc.

"We've been looking for an adequate replacement to our sub par equipment for years. Before, we had nothing more than makeshift janitorial carts to carry the safety equipment we require in a response situation."

Alan rouleau
Expert Drywall

"I was impressed with Sector 10's commitment to advanced technology and their dedication to serving job sites. Their team provided exceptional support and guidance throughout our project. It is a great addition to any industrial construction site safety program. I highly recommend Sector 10!"

Rodney spencley
DPR Construction

"It's a definite solution that provides single point access to safety, emergency and hygiene needs on site."

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